What you Need to Know About Common Christmas Tree Types 

What you Need to Know About Common Christmas Tree Types Source: http://www.goodwp.com/nature/15538-winter-snow-spruce-branch.html What you Need to Know About Common Christmas Tree Types Noble Fir This Pacific Northwest native has a full, rounded silhouette thanks to thick, silvery-green needles and branches that stick straight out from the trunk. Its symmetrical shape makes it a great pick, […]

2 Types of Trees for the Autumn Season and How We Can Relate to Them 

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower. – Albert Camus Source: http://7-themes.com/6959199-autumn-leaves-model-girl-photo.html Just like people, season do change. And trees vary their growth by season. Let’s find out what kind of trees shed their leaves and which doesn’t. Autumn, the time when bright heat gives way to subtle cool, when green […]

Understanding Ways of Pruning and how they can be of any good 

  Every tree needs proper pruning and proper pruning needs the right person to do it. Why? Improper pruning can expose trees to pest and diseases, stimulate lose and poorly branches. Pruning trees is not just cutting of branches; pruning trees is removing dead, damaged, diseased trees. Well as a matter of fact, it is […]

Spokane County, Tree planting and Site Preparation 

Spokane County, located in the U. S. state of Washington. It ranked as the fourth – most populous county in Washington during the 2010 census. Annexed by Stevens County on January 19, 1864, Spokane County was formed on Jan. 29, 1858. Spokane County is part of the Spokane-Spokane Valley, WA Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is also part […]

Diseases in Trees 

It is not only humans or animals that are safe from disease; trees also can be hurt by these harmful agents of nature. There are numerous bacterial and fungal infections that a tree may incur. These diseases are caused by different factors such as the overall health of the tree, soil conditions, geographical locations and […]

Tree Trimming Safety Precautions 

Tree trimming operations are dangerous and can sometimes be a hazardous job. These operations (removal of limbs and branches without removing the trunk or the tree itself) may require climbing and pruning with trimmers or sometimes, a chainsaw. Also, with tree trimming operations, you risk falling from trees and/or electrocutions from nearby powerlines.

Why I Should Maintain my Lawn 

A good lawn can sometimes describe how well we are as a person. The over – all appearance and the ambience and vibe our lawn gives us, can sometimes leave us with the feeling of peace and contentment when looking out the window or just by sitting outside the house. But how can we achieve […]

Tree Services in outlet bay 

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Why should I prune my trees? 

A good landscape can lead to an absolute satisfaction when it comes to owning a house. This also enhances and increases the value of one’s property. While an awfully managed lawn diminishes the overall appearance of your home and boosts the risk related issues. Well, to achieve the perfect landscape for your home, PRUNING performs […]

Save your trees, Protect your home 

Trees provide a lot of benefits to your family and community, from supplying oxygen to the ecosystem, providing food and habitat to birds and animals, to increasing the value of your investment properties. With all the environmental, natural and aesthetic advantages, it is easy for us to overlook the danger and risks related with trees […]