Why should I prune my trees? 

A good landscape can lead to an absolute satisfaction when it comes to owning a house. This also enhances and increases the value of one’s property. While an awfully managed lawn diminishes the overall appearance of your home and boosts the risk related issues. Well, to achieve the perfect landscape for your home, PRUNING performs […]

Save your trees, Protect your home 

Trees provide a lot of benefits to your family and community, from supplying oxygen to the ecosystem, providing food and habitat to birds and animals, to increasing the value of your investment properties. With all the environmental, natural and aesthetic advantages, it is easy for us to overlook the danger and risks related with trees […]

Understanding Tree Topping and Crown Reduction 

Myth of Tree Topping The vast myth of tree topping includes several advantages as: a topped tree is easier to maintain, it reduces storm damage, it invigorates a tree and increases value to a landscape. Unfortunately, there is a disturbing truth behind this myth. Tree topping is perhaps considered the most harmful tree pruning practice. […]

We hauled away 6 truck loads of old logs and debries to clean up around the site. 

Richard and Ganice STAEHELI We hauled away 6 truck loads of old logs and debries to clean up around the site.

Tree Care Maintenance in Priest Lake, North Idaho 

Priest Lake, North Idaho has a pristine variety of wildlife both in and around the lake. The standard bear, grizzly bear, deer and moose can be seen throughout the area. Diverse kinds of trees in different sizes can also be found. Today, biggest draw in Priest Lake is tourism. You can see variety of community […]

How to distinguish hazardous trees on your property? 

Since the beginning, trees play one of the most essential role in the ecosystem. It absorbs carbon dioxide, removes and stores the carbon then releases the oxygen back into the air. Trees are great provider of habitat for diverse species of animals and plants. It also provides food for humans and animals in wildlife; and […]

Tree services offer some pruning procedures, thinning and topping out for trees 

Long term tree care, do not set aside. Give time. It is not just human being needed some attention and care, we set aside some things that if we give just the long term care it need, it will be more beneficial to us, especially to Mother Earth and the future generation. As per some […]

Significance of Stump Grinding 

Tree stump is a portion of the trunk that is being left out after a tree has been cut or removed. There are some tree removal packages that does not include removal of this particular part of the tree. But have you ever wonder if is it really necessary to remove the entire stump and […]

Selective logging and cutting in Spokane country and Spokane areas 

Short-term impressions, but long-term paybacks: Selective logging and cutting in Spokane country and Spokane areas. Spokane Country is known for their numerous tree preservations and other programs. Some Spokane areas have their free trees program which involves discussing on how to take care Spokane trees that get along with soil preservation. In this case residents […]

The Role of Tree Maintenance in Wildfire Prevention 

Eastern Washington is known to be a forested state. The totality of the land area is composed of trees and forest industries. The region includes the Tri-Cities, Columbia River and Grand Coulee Dam, Handford Nuclear Reservation, farmlands of Yakima Valley, Palouse and city of Spokane. Spokane is the largest city of Eastern Washington. Due to […]