Reviews and Testimonial

Damon and his crew removed a huge tree from the front yard of our house, it was a very hazardous tree with many challenges, job was done without a hitch and I had some concerns on how the tree was so close to the house with many branches hanging over the house. Excellent workmanship!!!!

Tony Kucherry

Reasonable rates and unmatched customer service. Damon and his crew cared and took the time to make sure our property wasnt damaged.

Joe Quinn

Gary and Steve did an outstanding job cutting and removing several huge dead trees from our property. They arrived on time, completed the agreed upon work, and honored the estimate. Both Gary and Steve were focused on their work. They worked quickly without making mistakes. Both men were friendly and polite. Our questions and concern were clearly addressed.. We had the tree of major concern removed, but we are so pleased with the work done by Gary and Steve that we are going to move into the wooded area around the house the we call “The Park” and invited them backto remove some additional dead trees. Even though their price is fair and reasonable, we will have to wait until we have a little more money , but then we’re going for Round 2!

Sandra Walker

Great staff, customer service, and most important quality work.

Karisa Kay Whitten

Damon: Mary and I were very naive when it came to removing trees, the cost was way more than we anticipated. The only experience was the few trees our neighbor put down for us since we’ve been here the past two years. The chances are we’ll be calling you back later in the year when we have money put aside for the project. But you’ll only be removing the ones that are a danger to the house. I do realize the price will be higher. I’m sure the quote you gave me was better than normal, but you were the first person to give us an idea of the cost. When you left, we just looked at each other, it was a rude awakening.
I want to thank you for coming out and educating us, hopefully we’ll be calling you back soon

Carl Evangelista

Damon and his crew took down 11 trees on our property near Soldier Creek, some very close to buildings and one was 125ft tall….they did an excellent job, very professional and knowledgeable, and we recommend them without reservation!

Mary Cameron