Priest lake Idaho Tree removal

 dead trees all climbed, limed topped removed
Name of the client Bill Bennett.

5 dead trees all climbed, limed topped removed, all wood haul removed from site, full clean up, pack up hill.

Where: Priest lake Idaho

When: May 31 2016.

Northern Lakes Tree Service An all American tree service and tree removal company based in Priest Lake serving all of North Idaho and Eastern Washington/

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The beginning of Northern Lakes Tree Service all started back in 1993 when I decided that I wanted to work for myself and be outdoors. With a couple of husky chainsaw’s and well used climbing gear I managed to scrape together, along with my old 1956 Ford two ton truck that wasn’t very pretty but got the job done, I began doing tree service around the area. This is when we learned the art of “Low Impact Tree Removal.” Simply put, it’s how to work around and at the same time Protect Landscaping, Lawns ,Driveways and Walkways and every other obstacle in or around a yard without damaging anything. Because as you know people work hard on their lawns and landscaping and don’t want to see it carelessly damaged or destroyed when tree service is being done.

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